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Flathead Vintage Racing

Ford flathead with Davis heads



Quality - Reliability - Maximum HP - Price

Flathead Vintage Racing is one of the premiere established shops of superior quality motors in the country. For more than 25 years, we've been providing racers with high performance flathead engines across the Western United States! We specialize in Stroker applications, known for performance and fair prices,  while still maintaining excellent quality. We have custom stroker camshafts designed specifically for stroker applications that allow the cams to supply peak performance, unlike stock cam designs, and of course along with other components for a complete one stop shopping experience. 

One of our specialties is our custom porting and polishing service that will provide your engine with the maximum ability to breath.


Any Flathead Vintage Racing engine listed below can be bored to ANY size you want! We can customize options for you too - just ask!

Coming Soon! But in limited supplies!

Ford Flathead Crank Motors
Available in:
286 c.i.
295 c.i.
304 c.i.
313 c.i.

**Please note: if item substitutions are necessary, but only on product lines that we carry (substitutions may delay your shipment).

Note: Crate Engines Can Be Purchased with any Compression Ratio of your Choice.


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 Flathead Vintage Racing.
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